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So in major news…I paid my loan off 5 months early!  Seriously something I never thought I would say, what with my history of burying my head in the sand when it comes to finances! It definitely wasn’t easy, in fact nothing has never taken so much will power before. My desire to shop was greater than I imagined, however I focussed on the end goal and (more…)


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The first post of 2016, and the first post for quite some time! If anyone does check back here often then I do apologise for my unplanned hiatus. I could write several paragraphs with excuses as to why this little space on the web has been neglected, but it would just bore you! So instead lets focus on the now, and the exciting things 2016 holds. (more…)



Recently I found a list on detailing thirty things you need to do before 30. The list was a collection of tweets using the hashtag #thingstodobefore30. Now, with only 100 days to go for me it seemed fitting to review the list and see how I fair – bearing in mind I had not ever seen this list before or made such a list for myself! Still, for those I am still yet to tick off maybe I could fit some into my last 100 days!

1. Backpack the world, stay in dodgy hostels, and meet amazing people that will change your life

Failed at number 1! I haven’t back packed the world although I have taken many holidays. A gap year wasn’t really an option for me and after graduating it just all became about getting work. In more recent years I started to wish that I had taken the opportunity – it just always seemed like it was never a good time! That being said I have travelled to America, Australia, many European countries and even India. India was probably the closest experience to backpacking – as I actually did take a back pack! In just a few weeks we travelled to Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Goa and Mumbai – it was AMAZING! (more…)


It’s been quite some time since my last post, and I have written several comeback posts since but have put off sharing them for no other reason than I just wasn’t ready and they were full of waffle! But I’m back (hopefully) and instead of giving lots of excuses and filling you in on the last few months I thought I’d just jump straight in with the good great news…I got myself a new job! *jumps up and down super excitedly* – Cue the photo of my lovely flowers from the boyfriend!

I had been quite unhappy in my current role for the best part of this year and several months ago decided that it was best for me to move on, but I didn’t want to leave just for the sake of leaving, no, I wanted something bigger and better. And that is exactly what I got. (more…)


Goodbye June, we are now over half way through 2015, and time seems to be flying by! So what went on in June; let’s recap…

June Instagram Collage

Probably the most exciting part of June was heading to the O2 and seeing Take That! I have been a fan since my younger years seeing them first when I was just 11, not long before they broke up, and the excitement in my household when they announced the comeback tour was off the scale. Since they reunited my mum, my sister and I have been to every tour – some more than once! And it is safe to say  (more…)


I never considered myself an addict before. It’s completely normal to buy two, three and sometimes even four different diaries/organisers/planners each year, right?

Planner Addict - My Personal Planner

Now I know the title of this post confirms me as a planner addict but I must admit I find the term somewhat an Americanism. I have no problem with the American language but to me it’s always been a diary – whether you are planning ahead or using it to review your day, thoughts, feelings and so on – it has always been a diary and until recently this is how retailers advertised them. It makes sense completely to call it a planner but it still sounds a little weird (maybe that’s just me – and I’ll likely interchange between the two words in this post!)



Today marks exactly six months until I (and my twin brother) turn 30. Any birthday in my family is celebrated; a family gathering with a table overflowing with food (“a lovely spread” as my nan would say!), cake and much fun. Then there were the ‘big’ birthdays – the 18th’s and 21st’s. These were marked with a party, an even bigger spread, the whole extended family and lots of friends.

6 month till I'm 30 image

Now we’re turning 30 my brother was reluctant to have a party – not because he doesn’t want to celebrate turning 30, he’s just not really into parties (boo!). Though since I could hardly celebrate without him he has been persuaded to a small ‘gathering’ with family, friends, food, drink and music (so yeah, a party!).



For many years I completely ignored my financial situation, even though I knew I was in trouble I just buried my head in the sand. I had bank statements piling up that I refused to open, phone calls from credit card companies demanding payments that I chose to ignore and I would maybe check my balance at the cash point a few times a month – just to confirm that, yes, once again, I had reached the end of my overdraft.

Creating a budget

Funnily enough this avoidance tactic did not work, the debt did not disappear and instead it just kept snowballing. After living away from home for a few years, and struggling to stretch my pay to the end of the month, I knew something had to give.



Another month has flown by and we’re half way through 2015. So what did May bring; let’s recap…

Instagram May 2015

Firstly, I must acknowledge my recent neglect to posting. What with a little holiday and a mad/stressful time at work I just haven’t had the time or motivation. However I’m not going to beat myself up about it, it’s a new month and we’ll see what June brings.



Having arrived in Wales very late Thursday night we treated ourselves to a little lay in Friday morning. Our Aunt wasn’t going on her own holidays until that afternoon so we had a late morning to catch up over a brunch. We haven’t been here for two years and she was keen to introduce us to a new establishment in Fishguard; Ffwrn.

ffwrn fishguard bakery
Set in an old Church Hall it has now been transformed into a unique venue; during the day you can enjoy freshly cooked food, with breads and pastries cooked onsite in the traditional bread oven, and of an evening you can enjoy a drink alongside live entertainment.