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What’s better than the smell of baking leading up Christmas. I often bake for family and friends – everyone loves an edible gift. Plus, it’s always handy to have something on hand to take to various social gatherings over the festivities.

Here are 3 of my favourite Christmas bakes, all tried and tested by myself, and they have all been big hits with my family and friends.

1. Florentine’s

As with most bakes, there are so many recipes online to choose from. But Mary Berry is certainly my go to for Florentine’s. I have made these for several years now and everyone loves them (inlcuding myself – I always make a lot extra!)

They are so simple and quick to make, smell amazing and taste delish! They can easily be presented in some cellophane and ribbon, although one year I used recycled tins which I spray painted and everyone has continued to reuse these as storage pots, plant pots and so on.

BBC Food – Mary’s Florentines

2. Slow Cooker Fudge

Fudge certainly impresses – and slow cooker fudge could not be easier. There are so many variations to play with – you can please almost anybody. My favourites that I previously created was Kinder Chocolate Fudge, and one using orange Matchsticks (what is more British than Matchsticks at Christmas!)

Slow Cooker Central is a great place to get started – but feel free to go rogue and play around, you can’t really go wrong with this (and if it does then you can enjoy ‘gone-wrong-fudge’ for days!

Slow Cooker Central – Fudge

3. Nutella Christmas Tree

No prior experience necessary! This is truly for anyone who says they can’t bake – it is so quick and so simple but looks so effective! It’s also great for a gathering – looks fab on the table and is a nice ‘tear-and-share’ option.

I previously made this to contribute to my work Christmas buffet a few years back – and it still gets mentioned now. You can also put this together so quickly – if any guests descend on you rather last minute you can still look like the kitchen goddess you are!

Top tip: sprinkle some crushed hazelnuts for texture and that pro-look!

Eatwell 101 – Nutella Christmas Tree Puff Pastry

What are your favourite Christmas bakes? Share using #FloriParkCrafts